10 states with most elevated COVID-19 cases, Deaths

Nigeria has recorded a sum of 38,344 affirmed instances of the destructive coronavirus in the nation.

As per information discharged by Nigeria Community for Illness Control, NCDC, Lagos, the country’s capital, Abuja, Oyo, Edo, Streams are states with the most elevated COVID-19 cases.

Top ten States with most affirmed cases are Lagos with 13,806 cases, Abuja followed with 3297, Oyo-2219, Edo-2064, Waterways 1565, Kano-1447, Delta-1444, Kaduna-1267, Ogun-1203 and Ondo-1001 cases.

Nigeria has likewise tried a sum of 247,825 examples and has 21,716 dynamic cases. 15, 815 patients have been released and 813 others have passed on.

The following are States with most noteworthy demise

1. Lagos-177

2. Abuja-40

3. Oyo – 20

4. Edo-72

5. Waterways 49

6. Kano-53

7. Delta – 39

8. Kaduna-12

9. Ogun – 23

10. Ondo – 22



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